Laundry/Mud Room Renovtion - Cary, Il

This once cramped and underutilized space was updated by removing a cumbersome wall closet and creating one cohesive, multi-functional space. Matte black octagon shaped floor tiles paired with bead board and warm wood tones lends to the classic appeal of the overall look.

 Furnishing Living and Dining Room - Cary, Il 

ARI Has been given the honor of furnishing this one-of-a kind GORGEOUS Mid Century Modern home designed and built by the owners. The first floor boasts stunning panoramic views of a quaint lake and forestry. 10 foot floor-to-ceiling picture windows make for a grand feel.

 Basement Renovation - Prospect Hieghts, Il

Taking this dark and raw basement into space worthy of entertaining. Seperating the space into seperate functioning areas will allow the owers to maximise use. Modern furnishings paired with rich materials and colors will make this space feel comfortable and stylish.

Paint Refresh - Bourbon, Burgers, and Beer - Wheeling, Il

Update of the space by removing unnecessary decor and simplified the color scheme. Staying within the cozy-lodge vibe without compromising the natural beauty of the wood accents throughout.

Custom Built-In Shelving and Cabinets - Cary, Il

The former fireplace configuration lacked form and function. Removing all outdated pieces and adding custom shelving and cabinets gives this space the grandure it once lacked.

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After - Entertainment Area

Entertainment area complete with dry bar and extra seating counter space.