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Vintage Everything

While vintage thrifting has always had its place in design, the popularity of incorporating it has exploded. And it's about time.

The charm of discovering hidden treasures, breathing new life into old pieces, and creating a home that tells a story is unparalleled. However, navigating the realm of thrift and vintage decor requires a delicate balance to avoid turning your space into a chaotic mishmash. Let's explore the do's and don'ts of incorporating thrift and vintage finds into your home.



The Do's:

Start with a Plan:

Before diving into thrift stores or vintage markets, have a clear idea of what you're looking for. Consider your existing decor and identify gaps or areas that could benefit from unique pieces.

My husband and I are avid antique shoppers and I'll admit we rarely have a plan. But, that doesn't mean that's the right approach. It is best to have a plan, especially when it comes to knowing what and where you plan on displaying these items.

Mix and Match:

Embrace the eclectic nature of thrift and vintage decor by mixing different styles, eras, and textures. This creates a curated look that is both visually interesting and personal.

I cannot stress this enough - create your own space apart from the trend.

Quality Over Quantity:

Look for items with good craftsmanship and quality materials. While it's tempting to grab everything that catches your eye, focusing on well-made pieces ensures longevity and adds value to your space.

Your wallet will thank you later when you invest upfront in quality pieces. Otherwise, you will be spending more money on consistently replacing inferior products.

DIY and Upcycling:

Get creative with do-it-yourself projects. Transform outdated or worn-out items into something new and exciting. Whether it's repainting, reupholstering, or repurposing, DIY adds a personal touch to your decor.

Make it our own.

Tell a Story:

Each vintage piece has a history. Showcase your finds in a way that tells a story about their origin or the memories they hold. It adds depth and meaning to your home.

This is the hallmark of my brand - to tell your story that is uniquely your own.

Patience is Key:

Thrifting is not a race. Take your time to explore different stores and markets. The thrill of finding that perfect piece is worth the patience.

Branch out to various spots and explore. Inventory is always changing but the thrill is always in discovering new places. And yes, take your time looking at as much as you can. You will never know what you treasure you can stumble upon.


The Don'ts:


While mixing styles is encouraged, avoid overcrowding your space. Balance is crucial to prevent your home from looking cluttered and chaotic.

Sometimes too much is too much...

Ignoring Functionality:

Don't compromise functionality for aesthetics. Ensure that your thrift and vintage finds serve a purpose in your daily life. A beautiful piece that's impractical won't stand the test of time.

Use it or lose it.

Ignoring Condition:

While some wear adds character to vintage items, be cautious of serious damage. Avoid purchasing items that require extensive repairs unless you're committed to investing the time and effort.

This boils down to how much time and money you're willing to spend.

Ignoring Trends Entirely:

While it's great to embrace your unique style, don't completely disregard current trends. Combining vintage finds with contemporary elements keeps your decor fresh and relevant.

Overlooking Scale:

Consider the scale of the space and the pieces you're bringing in. An oversized vintage sofa may overpower a small living room, while tiny thrifted trinkets might get lost in a large space.

I tend to always carry a tape measure wherever I go. It certainly helps when I find something interesting for a current project or my use. It will save you headaches and money in the long run.

Impulse Buying:

Avoid impulse buying. Take a moment to envision how a potential purchase fits into your overall decor. If it doesn't align with your vision, it's okay to walk away.

Just. Don't. Do. It. Ever.


Thrifting and incorporating vintage decor into your home is a rewarding and sustainable way to express your personal style. By following these do's and don'ts, you can strike the perfect balance between nostalgia and modernity, creating a space that feels uniquely yours. Happy hunting!



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