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What to Invest In and What to Save On - Room by Room

As a designer, my goal is create gorgeous spaces for my clients but, more importantly, create spaces based on how my clients use the space.

The how is the first step in designing, closely followed by the aesthetics. It's important to know who is using the space and what the overall purpose of the space is in order to begin laying down drawings and plans or pulling materials. There has to be a starting point.

The ever-dreaded budget for designing and furnishing spaces is important to have been established first or well thought out plans cannot be made.

Here's a Room by Room guide that will help you make important financial decisions when it comes to your home that will help you avoid making costly mistakes.

The Kitchen tends to be the beating heart of every home. It tends to be the central gathering spot for guests and family alike. This space gets a lot of use therefore investing in certain areas is key to longevity but you don't have to break the bank on every nook and cranny of the kitchen to make it stunning and last a lifetime.

Invest - Appliances, Plumbing Fixtures, and Countertops.

First, set a budget based on your house value. It makes absolutely no sense to build out an over-the-top kitchen if the house doesn't match that level. The three items listed above get the most use therefore choosing mid to upper grades will last you a lifetime of use all while looking beautiful doing it. Search name brands that have strong reputations as quality brands with multi-tiered price point options that are just as well made and just as reliable. They just may lack some of the extra bells and whistles but are just as beautiful.

When looking at cabinetry I tend to look at how it's made. One tell-tale sign