Services Provided Based on Your Needs

Complimentary Call-In Phone Consultation

It's never an bad idea to have a simple conversation to start things off. This allows you to ask any initial questions you may have before hiring a designer. The process of designing any space is unique with every project. Not every project is the same and more often than not they must be handled differently. Every designer works differently than the next and sometimes one designer may not be a good fit for you while another can be a perfect match. This is okay, which is why it is helpful to have a little chat first to get the ball rolling.

Consulting & E-Design

This is a less hands-on approach on the side of Adair Rox Interiors. Adair Rox Interiors provides design ideas and links on where to purchase items privately. Adair Rox Interiors does not act on the client's behalf for procurement of furniture, materials, art, ect. This process is done off-site and electronically (email).


   *full walk-through of the space (within a manageable distance)

   *design concepts - stories created to achieve cohesive flow throughout your home

   *space planning - develope floor plans & funiture layouts for optimal use of space

   *drawings of proposed ideas as well as ideas for furnishings, materials, finishes, lighting, art, etc.

   *proposals of items with online links provided for client direct purchases

Full Design 

This is a full-service design process. There are many elements that go into designing spaces which can feel overwhelming at times. The number one goal at all times to make it fun and enjoyable above anything else and leave you with a space you can enjoy for years to come.


   *space planning - develop floor plans & funiture layouts for optimal use of space

   *detailed kitchen & bath design

   *lighting & reflected ceiling plan

   *design concepts - stories to achieve cohesive flow throughout your home

   *specifications of finish materials - tile, plumbing, lighting, & wall treatments

   *furniture selection & layout

   *procurement of furniture, finishes, art, etc.

   *coordination between contractors & design trades

   *installation of all furniture and accessories

   *coordination of all window treatments

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