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At Adair Rox Interiors, we believe that your home reflects who you are. Our mission is to help our clients discover their unique vision and bring it to life in their homes.


By offering comprehensive interior design solutions customized to fit your individual needs, we create inviting spaces that are beautiful and sophisticated, yet practical and livable.


Let us tell your story through your home.

For more information:

Please contact us to discuss your project in detail.

Phase 1. Getting to Know You

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Meeting with clients is paramount in interior design, forming the foundation for a tailored and successful design experience. These interactions allow us to gain invaluable insights into your lifestyles, preferences, and specific needs. Through in-depth discussions, Adair Rox Interiors can understand the desired atmosphere, functionality requirements, and aesthetic preferences of the space. Effective communication at this stage is key, as it sets the direction for the entire design process, ensuring that the result aligns seamlessly with the client's style and enhances their living or working environment.

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