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A Recipe For Cooking Up A Colorful New Room

For many, choosing the right colors for the ceiling, trim and walls when painting a room for the first time can be a daunting household task. But, just like learning how to cook a great meal, creating the perfect room can be achieved with the right ingredients and a good recipe.

"Spicing up the home with color is a great way to brighten the indoors-but the actual color selection process often can be quite overwhelming," said Barbara Richardson, director of color marketing for ICI Paints and a licensed interior designer. "Follow these simple, sensible tips, and you'll paint like a pro to create a delectable treat of a colorful new home--and have fun in the process."

Consult a color "cookbook"

You wouldn't attempt to whip up a gourmet meal without consulting a cookbook or an experienced chef. An experienced Interior Designer is much like the "chef" by knowing what colors compliment each other and blend well, like the perfect blend of seasoning.

Since it's preferable to make paint selections surrounded by the furniture, lighting and accessories of a room, reviewing color chips in the comfort of home provides the extra confidence needed to proceed with a paint project.

Do a taste test

It's important to see before you believe, especially when it comes to paint colors. So, how do you experiment with paint colors and avoid the stress and mess?

Try the self-adhesive, repositionable color swatches called Glidden Color@Home Peel & Stick paint samples. Measuring 33/4" x 6", these swatches are available in six collections of 10 colors each and include coordinating shades for walls, accents and trim.

Simply place swatches on a wall, then remove and re-stick as many times as necessary to select the best colors to coordinate with furniture and accessories.

Quick color theory lesson:

Primary colors: A set of colors that are fundamental and cannot be created by mixing other colors together.

Secondary Colors: A set of colors that are created by mixing equal proportions of two primary colors together.

Tertiary Colors: A set of colors that result from mixing a primary color with an adjacent secondary color on the color wheel.

Easy to remember ---> Complimentary colors are always directly across from one another. The most visibly recognized example of this is Red and Green shown throughout the holiday season.

Don't leave out essentials

For the best topcoat results, most projects will require a coat of primer first. A primer called Gripper Grey, for example, was specifically developed for use under dark or vibrant paints. These primers use shades of grey to create a better foundation that enhances the true richness of popular topcoat colors while saving time and money.

"Most DIYers don't think twice about applying deep colors, such as dark reds, greens or blues, over a white primer," said Richardson. "Only after the paint has dried do they realize that the primer affects the intensity of the topcoat. As a result, more time and money are spent on applying additional layers to achieve the desired color."

One of my favorite, and simplest, approaches to choosing color palettes for spaces is to pull colors from a favorite piece of art. It's a simple and effective way to pull a room together without much thought at all.

If you're a bit skittish of going too bold with wall colors (psst. that's ok). Just add bold pops of color throughout your furnishings and accessories. Another simple and effective approach!

Choose a delicious topping

A fresh coat of spotless ceiling paint will surely put the icing on the cake. One way to avoid the frustration and anxiety of missed spots, multiple coats and waiting for paint to dry is with a ceiling paint with EZ Track Technology. The product goes on pink and dries to a smooth, bright white in less than 30 minutes.

By following a recipe for painting success, do-it-yourselfers can create a room that will be savored for years to come.

Creating a colorful home can boost your family's physical and mental well-being.

Need a helping hand deciding colors? We can help!

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