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Comfortable Surroundings

It's Monday and I'm already hoping this week goes by fast and without issues... So of course my computer and the internet start acting up.

I pour my first cup of tea for the day and start ticking off my to-do list one by one.

One of to-do's was to create a comfortable yet laid back living room and bedroom for a client that just couldn't wrap her head around how to approach the feel she was after.

After playing around with a few layouts and color schemes I came up with a pretty spectacular space I'm sure anyone would find comfortable, cozy, and stylish.

Warm neutral tones paired with crisp white walls are the perfect setting for a clean yet comfortable space.

Adding touches of large funky wall art and lighting make for great conversation pieces as well as pulling everything together. There is a lot you can do with a little.

Expand the views from the outdoors by choosing pieces that have low profiles and don't inhibit your ability to see your surroundings. Let the beauty of the outside pour in.

Keep it simple.

Always bring a bit of the outside in by adding plants. They're great space fillers when you just don't know what to do with an empty spot.

The littlest adjustments to your space can make a big impact. Stay with simple color schemes and clean lines within the furnishings to keep it from looking fussy and overdone. Add natural elements such as wood planks as a statement wall.

Get a little funky. Get a little creative. But above all, make it comfortable.

3D renders created by yours truly.

If there is something you like, it could be for sale. Check it out here...

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