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Conscious Comfort for Peace of Mind

It's become a passion of mine when sourcing material and goods that they be produced in an ethically fashion. Two of my favorite lines that do just that are The Citizenry and Jaipur Living.

As stated directly by The Citizenry...


"We set out to build a company that celebrates the people behind our products. Our name is a reflection of the collective of individuals – artisans, designers, and dreamers – who rally together across cultures and continents to craft our collections. The Citizenry is our way of sharing these stories and products with you."

As stated directly by Jaipur Living...

"Our artisans are passionate, dedicated, and extraordinarily creative human beings. They believe in the concept of communities, and are used to living their lives among nature. Weaving has given these communities a source to earn sustainable livelihood throughout the year while contributing to the revival of a dying age old art. Jaipur Rugs works with close to 40,000 artisans, providing families with sustainable livelihood at their door steps. Spread across 600 villages in 5 states of India, they are bound by the creativeness of their minds and the zeal for their work.

85% of these weavers are women. Weaving has helped them gain financial independence and thus, liberated them from the shackles of the society. Many of our women weavers have become grassroots leaders and award-winning designers."

Everything these companies believe in and strive for encompasses the philosophy I stand for wholeheartedly. The artisans behind these gorgeous products do it for the love of creating something that will last forever and made with passion and care.

Clean and comfortable are typically my design approach for nearly everything. By bringing in pieces that speak to my need to use sustainable and ethically created pieces only elevate that goal.

Nearly the entire scene in this render is from both The Citizenry and Jaipur Living and I wanted to share my love for them with all of you. My love for them stem from their philosophies and mission to keep materials and products safe, ethically and sustainably created, and created with love.

Good news is these items are available for purchase. *NOTE* The coffee table is from another vendor but just as lovely and also available for purchase..

I invite all of you to fall in love with these companies and enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship as much as I do.


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