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Designing for Eclectic Ability

Modern Bohemian. Eclectic. Transitional.

All different design styles yet have a lot in common with one another.

A neutral base paired with pops of color.
Refined Meets Eclectic Charm

All of these styles are similar yet different and the styles I gravitate to the most.

What I like is what I like. I don't always have a specific design approach to any one project. Rather, I want to see what odds and ends can fit within any one style before committing to something more stringent and confined.

A half-mood sofa next to the harsh lines from the wall art.
Curvilinear Appeal

I like clean, neutral color palettes that can be built upon with colors splashed in accessories. This gives me the option of always changing things up without the full commitment of a set look.

When I created this space I started the foundation in creams and earth tones.

Green is always a wonderful accent color build on and it's incredibly popular at the moment giving any space you have that NOW look. My go-to splashes of green are simply filling negative spaces with foliage. This always adds a soothing warmth as well as added health benefits such as air purification. If you see dead spaces around your home then I suggest grabbing sturdy, health benefitting plants as fillers. It's an easy way to update any space.

Creating cohesive egress
The Layout

Laying the ground work for a space starts with basic furniture layouts. That can be done with quick hand drawings. Once a layout has been established the real fun starts. What to actually put in the space. This space represents a city condo. Not too big in footprint but the layout and design elements chosen offer a big impact.

I let the exposed brick walls create the overall mood; earthy and unrefined. That became the base of every move I made in this project.

Curvilinear elements found in the half-moon sofa and Parisian headboard are a perfect juxtaposition to the hard lines found in the kitchen's u-shaped design and peninsula.

Concrete and Brick meet Stone
Organic Sensibility

Walls wrapped in @cambriasurfaces using Wybourne
Parisian Charm

Designing a fireplace wrapped in concrete and placed beside the original brick wall was a no brainer for me. I love contrast and these to together make the most perfect, yet unusual, pair.

Brass accents in the decor along side organic wall vases carved out stone keep everything warm and cozy in this charming bedroom. Wood veneer on the doors of the wardrobe also add another layer of texture and comfort. A more structured light fixture adds refinement compared to the more organic light fixture found in the kitchen. Treating each space as it's own entity but allowing to flow seamlessly from one area to the next.

Wall in @cambriasurfaces using Wybourne
Understated Beauty

The bathroom had a "stripped down" approach. Wrapping all of the walls in @cambriasurfaces in weybourne raised the bar in sophistication. Adding beautiful prints from @globalviews keep the space stately without over doing it. Can we discuss this gorgeous Leo Pendent draped ever so delicately over the tub?

I'll take two!

Knowing when to go "all out" vs "pulling back" is a delicate balance. Every designer has a different approach to their projects and tend to gravitate towards some level of their personal style.

Combining a few styles together is how I approach most of my projects. This allows me to make something truly unique and something that speaks to my clients on a more personal level.

If you like this look and want to add some of the elements to your space then I invite you to take a look at the Shop The Look board below. Some items are currently available for your direct purchase. I also invite you look at more items available for purchase located on the Shop The Look page of my website. You can also leave your contact information if you have any upcoming projects you'd like to discuss with me.

I would to see what you have in mind!

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