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Designing for Eclectic Ability

Modern Bohemian. Eclectic. Transitional.

All different design styles yet have a lot in common with one another.

A neutral base paired with pops of color.
Refined Meets Eclectic Charm

All of these styles are similar yet different and the styles I gravitate to the most.

What I like is what I like. I don't always have a specific design approach to any one project. Rather, I want to see what odds and ends can fit within any one style before committing to something more stringent and confined.

A half-mood sofa next to the harsh lines from the wall art.
Curvilinear Appeal

I like clean, neutral color palettes that can be built upon with colors splashed in accessories. This gives me the option of always changing things up without the full commitment of a set look.

When I created this space I started the foundation in creams and earth tones.

Green is always a wonderful accent color build on and it's incredibly popular at the moment giving any space you have that NOW look. My go-to splashes of green are simply filling negative spaces with foliage. This always adds a soothing warmth as well as added health benefits such as air purification. If you see dead spaces around your home then I suggest grabbing sturdy, health benefitting plants as fillers. It's an easy way to update any space.