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Let There Be Light!

Let’s talk one of my favorite elements of design…great lighting. It’s similar to the phrase, “A great pair of shoes and handbag can make any outfit look amazing”. It’s the same with lighting by pulling the entire space together and capping it off. Well-designed lighting has layers upon layers of depth allowing the space to tell a story through illumination. Lighting is not only for function but something that creates a feeling, mood, or a bit of drama to the space. Take for instance this lighting fixture at The Gilt Bar in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. From a distance it appears to be floating in the air. It’s enormous but incredibly delicate all at the same time. While the size lends to a commanding presence the small illuminating bulb give off a warm glow that lends to the soothing atmosphere. The entire space is filled with warm lighting paired with dark walls and furnishings. It’s got that old-time speakeasy vibe to it. One that makes you want to order a martini or scotch on the rocks as the drink of choice.

Without this particular style of lighting the space wouldn’t give off the sultry feeling that it does. It sets the tone and without a thorough research on the type of vibe that is to be created one false move with lighting choices can make or break the space.

Dramatic Lighting at The Gilt Bar Chicago

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