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Oh Canada!

This is a testament to the abilities of designing remotely, if I ever do say so myself. I'm currently working an a project located in Canada, not too far from Toronto, while I'm located an hour north of Chicago... Wrap your head around that one. And, I never left my home office while doing so.

This current project doesn't come without its challenges, just like any other project, but it does offer new perspectives and approaches that I wouldn't have to do otherwise.

Let's start from the beginning...

I was contacted through one of my social media platforms by a lovely couple who are in the throws of completely remodelling their current home into something out of a magazine. There's very little of the original structure left and what they've added on is nothing short of amazing. It was clear they have a very clear vision of what their dream home was to look and feel like and hired me to make it all come to a reality.

After a few face to face conversations, thank you Zoom, I got started putting together one heck of a presentation that would offer them the ability to SEE the potential of their new space come to life while it's currently being built. Contemporary style with a farmhouse twist was the goal starting from the exterior of the home and carrying through the interior. A simple color scheme of greys, whites, and natural elements such as light woods and brushed nickel finishes were top priority as well as bringing in rich pops blue as the stand out color.