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Back to School... Maybe?

Is it really that time again? It's hard to wrap my head around the notion of school, especially right now. That said, I feel the more comfortable our surroundings are the better for the mind and body.

Now, I'm sure college dorm rooms will have some significant changes or not even be a factor in collegiate life this year and possibly next (welp), but I wanted to offer a cool design style idea just incase someone needed it.

I had my oldest daughter in mind when I designed this room. She's currently 10, soon to be 11, but going on 25. She's much wiser that her age suggests and has developed a more sophisticated style rather early on. She likes her area to be clean and uncluttered, to a point. Let's be real for a second, she's 10 and can be quite messy, like most kids her age, but for the most part she's pretty tidy as long as she has proper storage abilities which she'll remond from time to time that she needs more.

I tried to picture her sitting at her desk writing away, plotting her strategy for attacking her latest assignment.

She currently has a similar set up in her bedroom so I figured I would stay with a similar formula but update it to something aimed at the college age individual.

Assuming she wouldn't have a roommate I designed the space as if it were a single occupant room. Again, this is with my daughter in mind and she's a bit of an introvert so the idea of sharing a space with a stranger might throw her into a tizzy.

The space is similar to a typical dorm room, small and narrow in scale. Knowing this I kept with furnishings and decor light and airy and not too fussy keeping the space from closing adding to it's already very small footage. It also has to have ample storage which is the #1 challenge to tackle in small spaces. Floating box shelving keeps things neat and clean as well and not overly bulky or heavy which should be avoided if possible. A simple platform bed like this one has a delicate and simple design and has enough room underneath to store belongings of any kind. It's a win win choice of bed type.

The overall aesthetic of the space is Modern with Bohemian flare. Adding pops of color really gives off a bright feeling as well as staying comfortable and relaxing. Perfect for studying or winding down after a long day.

Unique pieces lend to the one-of-a-kind look especially paired with an architectural statement wall which is painted in Riverway by Sherwin-Williams. If this is allowed, used 1" wood trim as the molding and staple it in any design you wish to the wall and then paint over the entire surface in one color. It creates a stunning effect that will become the focal point of any space. I then used Vanilla Milkshake by Benjamin Moore on the other walls to keep the space warm and bright.

Always have extra seating available for guests and these poufs are just darling. Don't try and match anything but instead find a singular element that can blend throughout. In this case it was lighter wood tones mixed with black and brass and then accent using pops of bold color in the accessories.

A blush velvet dining chair paired with a white lacquer and brass desk add a small touch of glam without going over the top making a comfortable spot to study.

I'm a lover of plants so of course I added those in. Choose ones that help clean the air such as Areca Palm, Peace Lily, or Spider Plant to name a few. Being in such close proximities calls for constant air purification and what better way to do it than by adding gorgeous greenery to do it for you.

This year is really something, am I right? But, if I can help in some way by creating spaces that you'll spending a lot more of your time in then I'm happy to do so; it's truly what I love to do.

Leave a comment or two if you like this design or if you have a wee one headed off to the unknown; I'd love to know your thoughts on how it's being implemented this year.

And if you're interested, here's a list of my favorite items I used in the design which are available for purchase.

Take care, everyone and please stay safe.

Renderings created by yours truly.

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