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Eclectic Kinda Became Transitional... Or is it Modern Bohemian....What Do We Call It?

When did the term "Eclectic Style" change? Or did it ever? Trying to define a style is not as easy as one may think. Sure, there are certain characteristics that define a particular style. Take Contemporary for instance. It can be very similar to Mid-Centurny Modern concidering the sublte differences. The easiest way for me to decipher the two while designing is MCM tends to be warmer with the use of wood tones and rich textures while Contemporary tens to use brighter metals within the designs and has a more "space-age" quality to it. This is just my personal take on the two and I'm sure many would disagree.

While both carry beauty in their own right, with some similarities, they are concidered different styles comparitively.

So what would you call a mash-up of several styles all together? It used to be Eclectic. Now I'm seeing it as Transitional, or Modern Bohemian. A mix of straight lines and curvilinear elements. Blends of soft tones and rich textures. Muted colors with a splash of boldness. All of which flow effortlessly together from one space to the next.

This has always been a favorite style of mine and it's safe to say that this would be my defined personal style. But what to call it?

What makes this type of style so effective is the precise balance of every element involved.

Materials used are often weathered leather furnishings, jute area rugs, MDM side boards and coffee tables, and lots of plants. Layering each element just right could make or break this style but in the end it's an instant classic and one with no end in sight.

I'd love to hear others input...leave some comments below.

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