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It's Nearing Completion!

But I'm too excited to hold back....

The concept was relatively simple: Create a space that could function as a media/interview space and a tight one at that and under COVID distancing guidelines. The space measured out exactly as needed. The chosen space was a little nook in a basement with very little natural light and where sound would travel and bounce making discussions difficult to record without disturbances. The basement is a shared space so I had to create a space within a space. A challenge, yes, but not as difficult as one might think. I took the approach of a co-working space with the ability to close it off when necessary.

It's nearing completion but it's coming together better than I had expected so I just had to share!

Raw as raw can be. One complete wall with concrete flooring, open ceiling

and exposed foundation walls.

No biggie, right?

I measured out the space and used chalk to help visualized furniture spacing and layouts.

Because this space is being used to promote a business the color scheme had to represent the brand.

Lighting and sound had to be taken into consideration. The use of photography lighting gives the space the light it needs for on-camera discussions while the use sound absorption wall tiles and heavy velvet drapery contain sound in an otherwise open s