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Seeing The Potential in Our Surroundings.

Have you ever looked at a space thought, "Hmm, I wonder what it would look like if I changed a few things." Of course you have. I do it all of the time, clearly, given the business I'm in. I find myself doing it naturally whether I'm asked to or not, the creative wheels in my head start turning at a maddening pace. I was recently presented with this space and asked what I would do differently with the kitchen.

In all honesty it looks great as is but the client wanted to see how it would look with a different style cabinet doors and more detailed embellishments. I swapped out the traditional cabinet doors with a more transitional shaker style door but kept the color a stark white. Extra White by Sherwin Williams offers a bright white without any heavy yellow or blue undertones offering a brilliant and timeless color.

Once I created the layout, based strictly off of images, I began reimagining what other elements I can change to really elevate the overall style. I replaced the original subway backsplash with a textured travertine tile in a herringbone pattern and natural tone, my personal favorite. This gives the kitchen a subtle pop of color and added dimension that the white subway tile lacked.

Taking the drama to another level I added suspended lighting over the island that is completely unordinary and adds another layer of character otherwise lost previously with nothing at all.