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Seeing The Potential in Our Surroundings.

Have you ever looked at a space thought, "Hmm, I wonder what it would look like if I changed a few things." Of course you have. I do it all of the time, clearly, given the business I'm in. I find myself doing it naturally whether I'm asked to or not, the creative wheels in my head start turning at a maddening pace. I was recently presented with this space and asked what I would do differently with the kitchen.

In all honesty it looks great as is but the client wanted to see how it would look with a different style cabinet doors and more detailed embellishments. I swapped out the traditional cabinet doors with a more transitional shaker style door but kept the color a stark white. Extra White by Sherwin Williams offers a bright white without any heavy yellow or blue undertones offering a brilliant and timeless color.

Once I created the layout, based strictly off of images, I began reimagining what other elements I can change to really elevate the overall style. I replaced the original subway backsplash with a textured travertine tile in a herringbone pattern and natural tone, my personal favorite. This gives the kitchen a subtle pop of color and added dimension that the white subway tile lacked.

Taking the drama to another level I added suspended lighting over the island that is completely unordinary and adds another layer of character otherwise lost previously with nothing at all.

I continued with the travertine backsplash on the island but at a smaller scale and from top to bottom meeting the floor. I like a continuation of line-of-sight and approach every project with that in mind and an island with a pony wall is no exception to the rule. The final touch was swapping out the countertop with something that had a little more pizazz and Annica by Cambria works perfectly here. Its bold veins paired with the herringbone pattern adds a richness without clashing or competing with each other.

The kitchen opens up to a decent sized family room so I began adding furnishings and decor giving it a really cozy feel. All in all I think the space turned out beautiful and so realistic looking.

What are thoughts on this design?

3D Renders created by yours truly, Adair Rox Interiors. If you're a designer and need renders for client presentations you can head to my website to view other projects I've worked on and for contact information.

Some items shown are available for purchase. Click on the image you're interested in below and follow the prompts.

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