• Dawn A Turner - Principal Designer

The Winter Chills Are Setting In...

It's time to throw another log on the fire to get things warmed up. Perhaps it's time to revamp and warm up your space a bit?

As I was combing through products for ideas for an upcoming new project, I found myself curating a whole new look that could easily be placed in any home no matter the style preference.

It's clean yet cozy. I could certainly see myself curled up on the sectional all wrapped up in one of those plush throw blankets while completely engrossed in a fabulous detective-type book or binging the latest Netflix craze.

What we surround ourselves with can certainly set the vibe and I'm all about as warm and as comfortable as possible. I tend to mix certain materials such as wood and stone keeping with an earthy feel. One cannot go wrong when designing around Mother Nature's beautiful color palette. At least that's how I tend to approach each project. I find an immediate sense of calm when I surround myself with elements of nature so bringing them indoors is really easy for me. Everything I pulled has a beautiful Earthy, neutral color palette and can easily mixed in with anything you might already have.

I curated a collection of some of my favorite pieces that I feel will not only take your space up a notch or two, but bring you relaxation and serenity. Isn't that what we all strive for at the end of a long and cold day?

Here's my list of new Winter Favorites I'd like to share with you. Some are truly investment pieces if you feel it's time for an upgrade. Others are a perfect addition to what you currently have making your space even more inviting and comfortable.

You can't go wrong in either direction.

Scroll through to see if anything tickles you fancy. All items are available for purchase. Simply click on the item you're interested in and follow the prompts.

This board contains affiliate links.

Leave a comment or two on what you like or dislike. What would you like to see more of?

Take care and stay warm.

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