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Why Remote Design

Remote Design is a great way to take advantage of working with a professional Interior Designer to get access to a beautiful and professionally designed space.  You get a comprehensive design plan that you manage.


It is ideal for the client who wants great style, but unsure of how to start it themselves. They are willing to get their hands a little dirty and get the necessary work done to complete our comprehensive design plan.     


We will give you everything you need to know to create a stunning result, including a furniture layout, paint color selection, a design concept board with direct clickable links for direct purchases, and a list of suggestions for turning your dream interior into a reality.​ 


Please note that there will be some work required on your part to bring the design plan to completion. 

How It Works

With our Remote Design service, everything happens via email instead of face-to-face, so we never actually visit your home (unless you are local to our service area and opted for a site measure). All products for our Remote Design projects are available through online and local retailers only, as opposed to the custom and trade-only options that we use for our full-service design projects. 

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